The future of packaging starts with Internet of Products (IoP)

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FRANCE 24 featured MYPACK on #Tech24 Show on how new technologies provide interactive opportunities with packaging. MYPACK Brand Manager Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi has been interviewed by Julia Sieger to introduce the Internet of Products (IoP) solution everybody is currently talking about across packaging industries.

#TECH24: How Technology is changing the packaging of products


The time when product packaging was only considered as a protection wrap is over.  Facing the growth of consumers behaviours willing to know more, quicker, and enjoy a relevant customer experience with the brand, product interaction must be driven by smart packaging solutions that fit these new habits.

Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi introduced the new product scanner solution that enables packaging to be connected using recognition technology. Already working with major brands like Orange and Danone Waters, this shopping tool gathers all the existing brand content in order to display further information about a product straight on smartphones to enhance the customer journey.

MYPACK image recognition-based technology offers to brands fast implementation opportunities to engage with customers, in contrast with embedded technology such as NFC, QR code which require supply chain considerations before launching the campaign.

Smart packaging to reassure customers

In regards with the importance to emphasize the customer-brand relationship with mobile-centric solutions, MYPACK aims to become the packaging scanner that brands use to reassure, support and entertain customers. With a simple scan of the product using MYPACK app, the packaging becomes a digital interface where a conversation is initiated with the brand so that customers access information at the right time, the right place, to help them during the buying process and after the purchase.

Whether BtoB or BtoC industries, MYPACK can provide a large choice of marketing campaigns concepts featuring interactive product information, tutorials, winning competition, limited edition campaigns, sales force support, and even more.

Internet of Product (IoP) to push further customer content personalisation

MYPACK app also includes a patented technology that let customers associate their own content to a product packaging thanks to digital printing. Owing to a strong partnership with HP, brands can launch personalised product campaigns and use MYPACK multi-awarded mobile solution to offer customer content personalisation.

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