MYPACK team is here to help ! You will be given the best practices to start the connected packaging experience and enjoy a unique opportunity to engage with your customers

MYPACK team speaks English, French, and Spanish !

MYPACK CONNECT allows you to share videos, images, external links, pdf, music, contacts, vocal, chatbots and written message.

Yes ! All content can be added, updated or even deleted via MYPACK CONNECT platform. Changes will be made in real time

You can use MYPACK app, but if your brand already has an app, our developers will integrate our SDK plug-in so your app will feature the scan functionality

Either connected packaging will feature the ARP code which stand for Augmented Reality Packaging, or brands can promote their connected packaging through communication campaigns to keep the existing packagings.

No! MYPACK packaging recognition technology works with the existing graphic environment of your products. It means no re-print is needed as it doesn’t require any embedded material on the packaging.

If you allow him to do so, yes. He can display his content and promotional offers along your with corporate content.

They can upload their digital elements via the mobile MYPACK app or you can install MYPACK SDK plug-in to let them do so via your existing application.

No. MYPACK aims to remain a publishing tool. Brands keeps full autonomy on their content management.

Yes they do ! As long as brands decide to connect packaging for defined markets, MYPACK app can work worldwide on iOS and Android.

IoP (Internet of Products) refers to IoT for products packaging solutions specifically, in order to leverage the value of packagings for a new retail experience.

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