A question ? MYPACK team is here to help, you won’t be left without due response !

MYPACK team speaks English, French, and Spanish !

Two possibilities: Either you can download MYPACK app, available on iOS and Android worldwide (in French/English), or either you can use MyPack bot on Facebook Messenger

MYPACK on Google Play          MYPACK on App store

It’s very easy! You just have to send a sharp picture of your packaging front. MYPACK visual recognition technology analyses the picture, recognizes the product, and pushes the information related to it. It’s time to get rid of unattractive barcodes to obtain information!

MYPACK fields its packaging scanner on as many products as possible in food and cosmetics, mostly distributed in France in first instance, then in Europe at a later stage (work in progress…👨‍💻).

MYPACK doesn’t make any value judgements, this is why there is no overall score assigned to a product. The purpose of MYPACK is to ensure that consumers consume in full knowledge. Thus, everybody can make a buying decision according to his own considerations.

Three possibilities:
– A button “Send us feedback” is available at the bottom of each product page.
– In MYPACK bot on Messenger, un button “Contact MYPACK team” is available. We will be informed instantly and a team member will join the conversation.
– Or you can email MYPACK team at support@mypackconnect.com

Please inform MYPACK team at support@mypackconnect.com. To add your product properly, we need the following information:
– A sharp picture of your packaging front
– A picture of the ingredients list
– The barcode numbers
– The product and brand names.

MYPACK does not operate any lucrative activity with users’ nominative data. You don’t even need to provide personal information within MYPACK app, as we consider we don’t need to identify you. Your anonymity is protected.

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