🎂 🚀 Packaging scanner MYPACK celebrates its 1st anniversary!! 🚀 🎂

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Packaging scanner MYPACK celebrates its first anniversary with the most innovative French startups exhibited at the not-to-be-missed event VIVATECHNOLOGY 2017! And yes, it was amazing!

The official day of MYPACK 1st launch anniversary happened while MYPACK team was part of the exhibited Startups at VIVATECHNOLOGY, co-organised by Les Echos and Publicis from June 15th to 17th at Porte de Versailles, Paris. This prodigious event gathers the game-changers and global leaders to create potential synergy… Promise made! Top brands and agencies understood the prominence to meet startups there, innovation is fertile when brands and startups nourish each other through capabilities sharing.

But VIVATECH isn’t only about business excitement, it is also about national economics implications and politicians are increasingly favourable to sponsor such initiatives.  Interesting fact, fund raising grew by 35% compared to last year, which highlights that France demonstrates a real enthusiasm toward FrenchTech ecosystem. As a consequence, it wasn’t surprising to meet political personalities like President Emmanuel Macron, Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Bruno Le Maire, or Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

Speaking of which… MYPACK got a great birthday gift at VIVATECH! Check it out 😊  :

Festivities continued with 10th Pack & Gift birthday. The professional show for packaging, promotion and personalisation specialists, opened its doors from June 21st to 22nd at Porte de Versailles, Paris. MYPACK and Digital Packaging were obviously present to celebrate common birthdays and to introduce new partnership with Sleever through the personalised and customisable bottle dressed up with double sleeve, nominee as finalist for the Personalise Award.

In less than one year, MYPACK connected packaging solution is already recognised by the biggest sectors as the leader for packaging recognition technology to revolutionise customer experience.

MYPACK team is honoured to notice how quickly brands are responsive to the business potential that MYPACK mobile Internet of Products solution can offer to strengthen brand-customer relationship.

Judge it by yourself with this video featuring Maurice Levy, Publicis (former) CEO and co-organiser for VIVATECH, who is really into packaging the scanner and even highly recommends MYPACK to all his clients. What else… ? 😉

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